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BRIDES OF BLOODBANE : a tale of dark fantasy and ambitious dreams 

Welcome to the world of Brides of Bloodbane, a captivating dark fantasy action-adventure game, brought to life by the passion and dedication of solo developer Taz Cebula. 



The journey began back in 2010 when Taz was diagnosed with cancer. After recovering a year later, the initial ideas and concepts of Brides of Bloodbane were born. Inspired by movies, 80s cartoons from Taz's childhood, and an unyielding love for gaming and game creation, the vision for this game started to take shape. Having honed his skills in 2D game development for over two decades, Taz was determined to embark on his first 3D game creation. 



In 2014, Taz was diagnosed with leukemia, but that did not deter his resolve. By 2016, he had a clear direction for the game, but he soon realized the sheer ambition of his project. Balancing the roles of programmer, artist, and sound designer while crafting a compelling story proved to be a daunting task. It was during this crucial phase that Taz sought the creative expertise of his friend, writer Rod Whitfield.



Taz and Rod's collaboration brought a new dimension to Brides of Bloodbane. They decided to craft a novel based on the game's rich narrative, delving into character development and world-building. Their meetings brimmed with creativity, breathing life into the intricate lore of Brides of Bloodbane. 



But the tale does not end here. Brides Of Bloodbane is not only a game but a gripping 3-part novel series, a product of Taz and Rod's shared passion and creativity. The first book, "Brides of Bloodbane - The Circle of Seven," will be released in tandem with the game.  


Stay tuned as we continue our development journey and announce the release date for "Brides of Bloodbane - The Circle of Seven." Your support makes this dream a reality, and we cannot wait to share this captivating world with you! 


Thank you for joining us on this adventure - together, we will bring Brides of Bloodbane to life! 

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