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Game Name: Brides Of Bloodbane
Developer: Taz Cebula - Art Is Dark
Release Date: TBA
Intended Platforms: PC and Next Gen Consoles
Website: http://www.bridesof
Languages: English


Brides Of Bloodbane is a dark fantasy action adventure game developed by solo developer Taz Cebula. 
Amidst the moon world Mordain, a suffocating veil of Eternal Darkness emerges. 
In a cryptic vision, the formidable warrior, Leia Blackthorne, crosses paths with a mysterious being - 'The Watcher' - who impels her towards the town of Grimstead, where shadows stir. A foreboding darkness awaits her, veiling untold secrets.


Although still in development the game will include the following:

5 player cooperative play with 5 unique characters for players to choose from

Upgradable ranged/melee weapons

Multiple spells

Environment & large enemy climbing

Epic environments

Dark music

VR Mode

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